Rededication to Health

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Miscellaneous

I recently had my yearly physical and it didn’t go as planned.  My doctor tells me my cholesterol is high and he’d like to start me on something.  That’s in addition to the medication that I am already on for hypertension.   Oh, and by the way, he also suspects I am pre-diabetic.

It sounds like a train wreck.  It might make one wonder if I am now paying for years of abuse to my body.  But in truth, I somewhat of a health-nut.  Health, fitness, and nutrition are in my blood.  And not just because of all the supplements I take.

It started early…I can remember as a 5 year old watching Jack Lalanne (rest in peace) on TV and trying to follow along.  I also remember as a teen listening to Carlton Fredericks on WOR preaching about diet and vitamins.  And through 20 years of competitive powerlifting my workouts were like an addiction.  I never smoked.  And haven’t had a drink since college (I am always the designated driver these days).  My diet hasn’t been perfect but it is better than most.  So how could I now be facing all of these ailments?

I know I am not young any more (baby boomer here), but I refuse to let that be an excuse.   I take this as a challenge to rededicate myself to my health.   Not just for me, but for my family.  As part of this journey, I will spend a lot of time researching and reading, even more than usual.  As I come across nuggets of wisdom having to do with health, fitness, or nutrition I will document it here.  Maybe someone will read it.  And maybe they will find some benefit.  That is my hope.


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