Microwaving in Plastic Containers

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Health

I was reading an article a few years ago (wish I saved the link) that really stuck in my mind and changed some of my habits for life.  It was an article by a prominent doctor about the most important things you can do to stay healthy and live a long life.

As I started the article I wasn’t expecting to glean anything spectacular, as I consider myself well read in the area of health.  The doctor started his list with the obvious advice: eat healthy, low fat meals…..regular exercise….and there may have been other points, but none struck me as news bulletins.  But then the doctor stated something that really caught my attention:  Do NOT microwave your food in plastic containers!

Of course, I had heard this advice before, however the fact that a well known doctor listed it as a health factor that he considered just as important as eating right and exercise really stood out in my mind.  This was not some quack doctor on the fringe.  Since then, I have stopped microwaving food in plastic containers, even those containers that claim to be microwaveable.

Do I feel any different now that I am not microwaving in plastic?  No, I feel the same really.  However, I definitely think I am healthier on the inside.  We don’t know everything there is to know about plastics; compounds that we were once told were 100% safe are now known to be carcinogens.  If you still microwave in plastic, please do some research and know your risks.  Technology should help us, not kill us!

  1. Richard Wong says:

    Excellent point about plastic containers. Any material that can volatilize and enter your food shouldn’t be microwaved. This includes Styrofoam. Great new blog!

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