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You Can Build 20″ Arms

Posted: July 17, 2011 in Exercise

I was recently cleaning out my attic and pulled out this gem from my stack of old bodybuilding books: “You Can Build 20″ Arms” by Gene Mozee!  This book or actually more of a 22 page pamphlet is a classic that I doubt you will find at Barnes and Nobles.  I bought it as a teenager when I had just started working out and was very interested in building arms that would fill out my sleeves.

It was amusing to leaf through this book and see some of the routines for building big arms.  One of the routines I remember doing was a 10 minute arm routine which was promoted as a quick mass builder and stated that you could put on an inch on your arms in one month!

I actually remember doing this very brutal routine in my basement when I was about 16.  It is very simple, but as I remember,  grueling and painful!  Did I put an inch on my arms in one month?  No….but I did put on 1/2″ on each arm pushing them to the 15″ barrier, all within one month!

These days I am more interested in building my heart than my arms, but I do wonder if this could tone up my guns.  I mean it only takes 10 minutes!  I think at some later blog post I will have to detail the routine.

Keep training!

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My 13-year-old daughter (the athlete of the family) was telling me how she was able to do the most chin ups in her gym class but was still not happy because she got stuck on the last rep.  I told her that next time that happened she should squeeze her grip as hard as she can and tense her stomach muscles.  I explained this would give her the extra “ooomph” to finish the rep.  This is a trick I read in “Power to the People” by the well-known Russian trainer, Pavel Tsatsouline (don’t ask me how to pronounce that!).
The principle is called muscle irradiation and works by creating tension in surrounding muscles which increases neuro-muscular recruitment within the target muscles.  I am not sure of the science behind it, but I have used it in my weight training and it definitely makes a difference.  And it doesn’t have to be saved for the last rep….you can use it throughout your set for increased power.  I try to employ it with many exercises….curling, bench press, squat, deadlift, etc.  I have also tried tensing other bodyparts, but the abs and grip seem to work best for me.  Try muscle irradiation in your workouts and maybe one day you will be able to do the most chin ups in your gym class!